dandi biyo: a traditional Nepali sport

Dandi Biyo is a game usually played in rural Nepal and was considered the national game unofficially till May 23, 2017, when officially Volleyball was declared as the national sports. Dandi Biyo is played with a stick (Dandi) about two feet long and a wooden pin (Biyo) about six inches long. The pin is a small wooden stick with pointed ends. It is similar to the Indian game Gilli Danda. However, the popularity of Dandi Biyo is decreasing day by day and government has not implemented any policies under the preservation of Dandi Biyo due to which it is supposed to be extinct in near future.[1]NepalThe popularity is going down. 🇳🇵 At the modern age, Dandi Biyo was one of the popular games of Nepal. (Text-Wikipedia)Dandi Biyo (1)Dandi Biyo (2)Dandi Biyo (3)Dandi Biyo (4)Dandi Biyo (7)Dandi Biyo (8)Dandi Biyo (10)Dandi Biyo

A youth of Nepalgunj playing traditional Nepali Game Dandi Biyo.

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