A girl carrying some food and crossing the suspension bridge in Gopghat, Doti.  

morning vibes of brick kilns

Hundreds of Indian families are working in the brick kilns in Banke districts. They came here as a seasonal migrant and work around six month season of brick making. The family with the children are involved in brick making, transportation and piling the cooked bricks. The whole six months period the children are away from their…

dandi biyo: a traditional Nepali sport

Dandi Biyo is a game usually played in rural Nepal and was considered the national game unofficially till May 23, 2017, when officially Volleyball was declared as the national sports. Dandi Biyo is played with a stick (Dandi) about two feet long and a wooden pin (Biyo) about six inches long. The pin is a small wooden stick with pointed…

a smile

Happiness always matters. A woman from rural part of Baitadi district.

player’s city

Nepalgunj is known as a city of players. Many players are represented in the international game like Olympic, SAF games in various games from Nepalgunj.

chasing the buffalo

Local residents of Holiya (flood prone area of Banke) chasing the buffalo to cross the Rapti river.  

a sunset in mohana beach

Last week I visited Dhangadhi, on that period I got an opportunity to visit the bank of Mohana river in the west part of Dhangadhi city. It was sunset time. When I was shooting sunset I saw 2 girls from Tharu community returning to home after fishing, one girl was carrying TAPI (traditional fishing net)….

solar street light in nepalgunj

“Nepalgunj’s street will have Solar Lights” This morning I was heading to BP Chok from Karkando. Near to BP Chok, in-front of Idgaha, I found some workers are digging the road. There was a hoarding board with the message that “Solar Street Light Installation is ongoing”. It is a good sign for the #nepalgunj that…